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Hitchin Airport Minibus Hire Services  

Hitchin minibus hire is a convenient transport option for airport minibus hire within Hitchin and its environs. We own a large fleet of buses and enough manpower to cater to our increasing clientele. If you want a Mercedes 16 seater or Ford Transit 72 seater delivered at the airport, it will be waiting at the airport parking when you arrive. 
You can count on us to know where all the airports in Hitchin are and the fastest way to get in and out of them. Additionally, we will take you to all the best attractions found in Hitchin, including the ones you didn’t know about. You only need our airport minibus hire to travel around in comfort and style.  
Things to Do in Hitchin
Hitchin first started as a market town which explains its setting on a farmland backdrop with pockets of lively villages within it. Tales about this town go as far as the 8th century so you are bound to travel back in time with every attraction you visit. We will provide a driver to be your chauffer for the day or entire time you will be visiting. 
Chasing the River Hiz 
The Hiz is a river that snakes through the city and from which the town got its name. Our airbus minibus rental driver can drive you around chasing the tributary as it snakes through the city. At some points it goes through concrete bridges while on others it winds through leafy parks. Along the way you can learn a little bit of history of The Hiz, including the time it partially dried up and astonished everyone.  
Explore the Old Streets 
There are plenty of medieval cities within the town with lots of shops and open market. Notable old streets in Hitchin include Sun Street, Tilehouse Street, Bancroft and Bucklebury. These streets date far back as the 15th century and many of them succumbed to aging and had to be pulled down. Today the streets are laced with modern buildings after the renovations; however, you can still catch the few old buildings that stood the test of time.  
The Friday Market  
Just like in the old times, Hitchin still holds its market days which are Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. Tuesdays and Saturdays are general market days to sell foodstuff, textile and domestic goods. Friday is a special day for collector and souvenir stalls, and the best day to shop if you are looking for gifts to take back home.  
Events in Hitchin 
1) Hitchin Rock Choir, Tilehouse Street Baptist Church, Hitchin (9 Feb 2016) 
2) Madama Butterfly ( A Russian Opera), Gordon Craig Theatre, Hitchin (18th Feb 2016) 
3) Jimmy Carr Best of Tour (Comedy), Stevenage Arts & Leisure Centre, Hitchin (30th Sep 2017) 
Why Choose Us 
We are the go to airport minibus Rental Company for all your minibus hire in Hitchin needs. Having been in business for years, we have taken the time to revise our pricing and increase our bus fleet to ensure you enjoy the most affordable and convenient prices. Hitchin minibus hire is here to make your stay comfortable and reduce the hassle of public transport.  
Visit our minibus hire in Hitchin website to check out our many airport rental vehicles—from Mercedes to Volvos.