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8 Seater Minibus Hire


If you want to go out for a day trip, a night on the town or get away from it all, then look no further as we provide the premier minibus hire in Hitchin! 
You may have a large family, business meeting or are planning an evening out. Whatever your reason is for needing transport, our 8 seater minibus will get you and your fellow passengers to your destination. Be it day or night, seven days a week, our drivers will be punctual when collecting you and will ensure that you arrive at your chosen location on time. 
Our drivers take away the stress of parking and the expensive charges involved with it and prevent the need to travel in separate cars thanks to the size of our minibuses. We are incredible safety conscious and regularly service our vehicles to ensure that they comply with safety standards and all are fitted with modern safety belts. 
We will always quote you our lowest available rates for the journey that you require, regardless of how close or far away that may be. Contact our helpful team to get more details about booking your transport and how we can aid you with any special assistance you or your fellow passengers may require.  
Here at Hitchin minibus hire we would like to say hello to you as a new customer and say farewell as a friend. We always enjoy welcoming back previous clients who are impressed by our professional, yet compassionate staff and services and are proud to be your first choice for minibus hire in Hitchin.